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FA 2.6 is here with the brand new market price integration, better cost breakdown functionality and other features

We are thrilled to announce the latest version FA 2.6! The year started with a challenging twist when the new MiFID II and MiFIR regulations took place on January 3rd, increasing the regulatory requirements even more. The focus of FA development, then, has been clear for a long time: to make it easy for the customers to comply with these new regulations and increase transparency through the efficient use of FA Platform.

Let’s explore the main functionality related to improving transaction cost breakdown.

The transaction cost breakdown

As the main improvement, version 2.6 adds additional support for recording ex-post disclosure of costs. You can now categorize and break down your transaction costs in more detail than ever before, allowing you to track all your costs with accuracy, transparency, and ease: rather than recording mere generic “fees”, you can for example categorize your costs into advisory fees, custodian fees and broker commissions.

FA Platform

Market price and instrument data connector to Morningstar

In addition to the regulatory focused improvements, the newest version now provides you with Market Price and Instrument Data Connector to Morningstar, allowing you to automatically receive end-of-day prices and comprehensive instrument reference data from Morningstar.

In addition to these highlights, this version improves reporting by allowing you to send a report per customer via email, storing information for transaction reporting, interpolating index factors for index linked bonds, and more. If you are already a customer, just head to FA Help Desk* for more details and specific improvements.

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