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FA 3.3 is out with pre-trade compliance, improved reporting tools and more

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In this release, FA version 3.3 brings out a long-awaited support for pre-trade compliance with pre-trade analysis, allowing you to more profoundly examine compliance of your investments. On the reporting side, you can upload your own PDFs into FA and conveniently use them as part of report packages. Keep on reading to find out about other changes!

Pre-trade compliance

FA Platform

Analyzed pre-trade limits

In addition to post-trade limits (“Limits” before FA 3.3), FA Back now provides you with the ability to run pre-trade limits and thus consider the effects of your outstanding orders. Pre-trade analysis takes into account the current positions in your portfolio and trade orders with certain statuses. As part of pre-trade compliance, you can also analyze limits for your investment plan, if you have one, prior to its execution.

Besides pre-trade analysis, there is one more handy tool we have included: pre-trade limit check. When creating a new trade order or accepting trade orders suggested by Rebalancing, the limit check shows you if accepting and executing said open trade orders would break the limits of the portfolios they belong to, already prior to saving any orders.

Your own PDF as part of a report package

Report packages

Upload your very own PDFs into FA and extend your report packages with these files. This gives you more tools to respond to your own reporting needs as you can complement your reports with front pages, company designs or other custom documents you may want to use.

You can upload and use static and dynamic PDFs, the latter that are embedded with dynamic keys then get filled in from the selected contact/portfolio the report is generated for.

FA Platform

Your own PDF as part of report package

Separating between settlement date and payment date

FA 3.3 now gives you an opportunity to separate between a trade’s settlement date, and the payment date i.e. when the trade is actually paid, if these dates differ. You can also use the payment date on a trade order to consider it pre-paid. Improvements like this allow you to better manage your pre-paid trades, streamline your trade order flow and give you greater control over your cash balance for cash reconciliation purposes.

Payment date is available in Transaction and Trade order windows for security trades. Using payment date is optional and it only affects the date when your account balance changes.

For example, you could use the payment date on a fund transaction, as when you are subscribing to a fund, the trade might not settle on the same date the payment is made.

Other improvements

Other notable improvements include:

  • Significant architectural improvements that provide you smoother user experience through enhanced performance.
  • Extended audit trail to enable tracking of user actions related to sensitive customer data.
  • Improvements on limits analysis, such as mass-analysis of limits against several portfolios.

Head to our Help Desk for full FA Back and FA Front release notes and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about FA in general or these new 3.3 features in particular!

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