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Being an FAer: developers 💻

FA Solutions is a fast-growing software development company, so we are on the lookout for people to join our product team more often than not. In our product team, there are roles such as (junior/senior) developer, team lead, product owner, product specialist, QA (quality assurance) engineer, technical writer, and UX designer. Some of our developers focus on back-end development, and others prefer to focus on the front-end, while others do it all.

If you are a developer, you probably want to hear about our technology stack, right? The FA Platform is mainly developed with Typescript (React) front-end applications, communicating via GraphQL APIs with back-end services built with Java & Spring boot. The data we work with is mainly stored in MariaDB, but we have started to move some data towards MongoDB as well. The FA Platform runs as dozens of microservices within a Kubernetes cluster in Microsoft Azure’s datacenters.

A nice part of working in FA is that you get to focus on a single code base: the FA Platform. Instead of jumping from project to project, you get to focus on specific areas of the platform and develop deep expertise around those. Another nice part of working in FA is that you will have plenty of opportunities to learn and try new things: we regularly organize study groups and hackathons to keep things fresh and exciting.

We are a remote-friendly workplace: during the last two years, we have found that working remotely suits many of us very well. If you want to work from the office, you’ll find some like-minded colleagues there. If not, that’s fine too! 

We have been happy to welcome new team members to the product team again lately. Get to know our new developers, Antti and Nazim!

Antti enjoying the ride in Slovenia 🚴

Hi, my name is Antti and I’ve been with FA for a month now. I’m working as a consultant on the Developer Success team, where our focus is on enabling and developing customizations as well as providing support related to them.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at the company so far, having had the opportunity to work with some very talented people and being faced with interesting challenges every day. Alongside my work, I’m studying at the University of Helsinki with the goal of earning a master’s degree in computer science.

In my spare time, I can usually be found engaging in sports, such as long-distance running, cycling, and football. I attend at least a couple of bigger running events every year and try to organize my training to meet their demands. Cycling is all about having fun with friends, enjoying freedom, and discovering beautiful locations both in Finland and abroad. My less physically straining interests include reading (these days mostly nonfiction), progressive rock, and tabletop roleplaying games.

Hi there, my name is Nazim. I studied computer engineering and environmental engineering(MSc) at Ege University in Izmir, Turkey. I worked in IoT and 5G domains at Ericsson. Also, I have experience with data visualization, front-end, and test automation development. Three months ago, I started working at FA Solutions in Product Development as a developer and I moved to Finland from Turkey. I look forward to learning new technologies with FA while contributing to FA Platform development.

My hobbies are swimming and chess. Also camping, fishing, canoeing, and cycling. I like editing travel videos. I love nature and pets. My favorite book (and film) is Carl Sagan’s “Contact”.

Nazim fishing at the sunset 🌅

So what is an ideal FA product team member like? Are we looking for developers who know the ins and outs of the financial industry and have decades of experience with brand new technologies? Nope. We are looking for people who take pride in their work and want to join us for many years to build something great! Check out Careers page or LinkedIn and join our teams!

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