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FA team keeps growing and welcomes Antti, Anna and Oliver

FA Solutions continued its rapid growth and a lot of new faces joined our team in the end of the year 2017 and in the beginning of 2018. Now it’s time for everyone to get to know them. Let us introduce you our newest colleagues Antti Kaunisto joining the product team and Anna Goeva and Oliver Syvänen from the Sales & Marketing team.

Antti Kaunisto

“Hi, I’m Antti, I started in the Helsinki office right after the holidays and New Year. I’m originally from Tampere, where I studied Information Management at Tampere University of Technology. I moved to Helsinki last summer and truly enjoy the vibe here. During the studies I spent one semester both in Canada and Sweden. Having experienced some more international environments as well as larger cities is probably one of the reasons I like Helsinki so much now – Tampere is smaller compared to Helsinki.

I work at FA as Junior Product Specialist so my place is in the Product Team. My main responsibilities include testing and documentation. We’ll see how they change and expand in the future as I keep learning more. That’s exciting.

I’m an active sports guy in my free time and sports energises me during busy times. I love running, gym and badminton, to name a few. Though my study background is tech oriented, my interests are diverse. Psychology, business, reading, writing (my blog at anttikaunisto.wordpress.com)… these topics never fail to engage me, and I think understanding what nudges us to make the decisions we make is fascinating and always important. And so, combining my background with the changing worlds of tech and finance is such a welcomed challenge.

Again, happy to join FA!”


Antti exploring Canada

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    Anna Goeva


    I’m Anna. I’m originally from Moscow, Russia, but moved to Finland 4 years ago for the international experience. I’m studying at Metropolia UAS where I learned a lot about marketing and mastered teamwork. I’m planning to graduate in May. Prior to moving, I was studying Sociology at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

    I joined FA Solutions as a Marketing trainee and, hence, belong to the Marketing and Sales team. To FA I’m planning to bring the knowledge from previous working experiences and make FA known anywhere as a №1 investment management tool around the world.

    Outside of work hours, I’m trying to keep my life interesting and active. I’ve been doing contemporary dancing for many years now and I’m totally in love with it. Good or bad day I have, dancing always helps me to express my emotions thorough body movements. I love travelling and seeing different places. And of course, as much as I like moving around, it’s also great to spend some weekends just talking to friends or watching Netflix in peace. As for my personality, I’m always extremely positive and in a good mood, so even small things can make me happy.”


    Picture on the left: Stretching after the gym workout. Picture on the right: Learning the basics of riding canoes

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      Oliver Syvänen


      My name is Oliver. I was born in Finland, however I grew up in San Diego. I have studied both marketing and finance at the San Diego State University. After graduation I moved back to Finland, where I now work at FA Solutions. Prior to FA, I worked at Wells Fargo Financial Advisors as an analyst, for the personal finance world, mainly studying mutual funds.

      My personal passion is the ocean. I love surfing, sailing, diving, scuba diving, swimming, and all other water sports. On land, I have a touch with the soccer ball.

      At FA I will be a part of the sales and marketing team. Due to my native English abilities my colleagues claim I am the office English liaison, helping with writing and proofreading texts in English. I’m quite outgoing and can say that sales come naturally to me.

      To FA I will bring my So-Cal attitude and expertise to help broaden the horizons of FA. I’m planning on turning FA into the number one asset management software company in the United States. Until then my contributions will enrich the program through enhancing the diversity of perspectives and content represented.”


      Picture on the left: Oliver rocking another wave
      Picture on the right: Enjoying summer weather

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        If you wish to join our growing team, we have multiple positions open currently. Read more at our Careers page!

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