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Introducing FA 3.7, R&D never ends

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The FA Platform version 3.7 was released in June and it provides our clients with foretold improvements to portfolio management. It includes improvements in for example managing FX contracts, tracking market exposure, and managing accrued income in different types of investments more extensively. Additionally, the general navigation in the FA Platform has been elevated through our new Global App Bar.

In this post, we will introduce these key features from FA 3.7:

  • How Global App Bar helps you to navigate and access applications in FA Platform
  • Improvement in FX Contracts: contract-specific future cash flows
  • Tracking market exposure: absolute, net, positive, and negative exposures
  • Accrued income management with mutual funds

The Global App Bar helps our clients to navigate and access applications in the FA Platform

As a new feature, version 3.7 introduces the Global App Bar. The Global App Bar is visible on the left throughout all of FA Platform, listing all the applications our users have access rights to. It allows our users to easily navigate between the applications through single sign-on and a single click.

fa platform

The Global App Bar (on the left) lists all the applications the user has access to and enables easy navigation between them.

FA users will find the Global App Bar as convenient and it will streamline their navigation throughout all applications, allowing you to easily launch FA Fund Management, FA Front, or access FA Help Desk from the system – always from the same place. For example, accessing user account management via the Global App Bar allows users to manage their basic user information, change their password, or set up their authenticator app for two-factor authentication.

Contract-specific future cash flows as a new feature in FX Contracts

FA 3.7 presents contract-specific future cash flows in FX Contracts. When you save a FX contract, the system now generates contract-specific future cash flow securities instead of netting all future cash flows you have in your portfolio in the same currency towards the same date. This allows you to more easily identify the actual contracts you have made and see what kind of contracts you currently have open within your portfolio. In addition, the name of the future cash flow securities now includes the details of your contract.

These improvements are especially useful for back office purposes, it gives our users better insights into their portfolio exposures directly through the UI in terms of future cashflows, without analyzing the portfolio in Analytics+. If you are interested in netted values or currency exposure for front office purposes, you can use Analytics+ with different groupings to view your holdings from different perspectives.

fa platform

FA Platform 3.7 makes it easy to visualize future cashflows for FX contracts.

Tracking market exposure

Version 3.7 provides you with features to track market exposure, or the proportion of money invested in the same sector. This version provides you with tools for Exposure (net exposure) and Absolute exposure (gross exposure) – for standard linear instruments, such as funds, bonds and stocks, exposure equals to market value, but for example for options, exposure takes into account Delta, underlying security’s price and block size, and for futures, exposure is based on market trade amount.

This improvement to existing functionality adds depth to the quality of calculations and reports being produced by the FA Platform. Users of FA can easily report the net or gross exposure to certain industries or security classifications to their end clients.

fa platform

The version 3.7 allows the user to track, visualize and analyze market exposure.

Market exposure can be visualized and analyzed throughout our Platform. These exposure calculations can give our clients insights on their Absolute exposure (absolute value of exposure), Pos exposure (increase during the analysis), and Neg exposure (decrease during the analysis). This also is available when performing a fund look-through analysis.

Accrued income management with mutual funds

Version 3.7 also introduces features to manage accrued income when managing and administrating your own funds through FA. Mutual funds and other pooled assets accumulate income over a period of time, and pay it out to shareholders once a year – this version provides you with tools to track this accrual on a transaction and position level, allowing you to easily track how much accrued income is included in your positions’ total value.

fa platform

Version 3.7 also introduces features to manage accrued income when managing and administrating your own funds through FA.

Tracking accrued income gives peace of mind to our fund company clients, allowing them to report and maintain a record of what accrued income occurred during a NAV calculation phase prior to an end clients subscription. NAV of a fund includes accrued income, but when you subscribe into a fund, you pay for the income accrued before your subscription, and when you redeem your shares, you receive the accrued income not yet paid out. With this new version of the FA Platform our clients can track this information in greater detail.

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