Meet the newest team members

Learn to know the new kids on the block! In this blog post we’re going to introduce you to the newest additions in the FA team: Andreas in the Stockholm office and Ari and Anni in the Helsinki office. They’re telling you a bit about where they come from, what they’re doing at FA and what kind of additional value they’re going to bring to FA. And if you have something to ask, just comment below, and we’ll give you some answers!

Andreas Ullsten

“I come from an entrepreneurial family business background in Mjällom in the UNESCO World Heritage protected High Coast region in Sweden. After having grown up there in a small village I continued with spending half my adult life in London and the other in Stockholm and have two “swinglish” children as a result of it. Though my suburban, mountainous-costal background and urban life experience, I have developed a keen interest in skiing, sailing & hunting. I really appreciate the mad bustling city life as well as the vast and silent expanse the nature offers.

Most of my career have been in finance and I have covered a multitude of client types, geographic areas and financial instruments. This has included plain vanilla funds, derivative backed investments, private equity and African microfinance investments with a social impact angle. I am also involved in coaching social entrepreneurs and act as a sounding board and advisor to philanthropic activities.

At FA Solutions I’ll be focusing on helping family offices gain a comprehensive, easily accessible and reliable control of the family’s aggregated and multi-layered business dealings. In addition to gaining a better overview, families will also achieve an information advantage when dealing with their banks, asset managers and other partners.”

Ari Mansikkaniemi

“I have around 20 years experience from different commercial and foreign trade tasks mainly from the IT industry. Last 14 years I have worked in Comptel Corporation and my main tasks there were to look for new customers, maintain and develop relationship of named customers and areas directly and via partners abroad. Among others I had the overall responsibility of business development and strategy in Central and East Europe.

I have also worked in sales f.ex. for Oracle and IBM and I hold a Master of Business Administration from Helsinki School of Economics. My role in FA is in international sales.

I believe that my long commercial, IT industry and contacting experience with customers, retailers and suppliers as well as international business knowledge will enable me to bring additional value for FA. I also trust that I can bring new ideas and views from the industry I have worked as well as apply my previous experience in FA.”

Anni Salo

“I have over 20 years experience of… life. Yeah, I’m the rookie here, straight out of school. I still have some studies left at the University of Tampere in marketing and management. I started working for FA Solutions in June 2015 as a result of various (fortunate) coincidences. Combination of working and studies is not of course the easiest way but since I love both, studying and my current position at FA, I can’t complain!

Before coming to FA, amongst other miscellaneous working experience, I’ve been an entrepreneur in the marketing field and participating actively different kinds of voluntary and student association working. During my spare time I do a lots of different sports: jogging, gym, road cycling, snowboarding, cross-country skiing… Especially horses and riding have always been a big part of my life.

At FA my role is in marketing communications. Despite my young age I have quite a lot of experience from the field, and of course I’m continuously learning even more. I believe that with my entrepreunial attitude, strive for continuous improvement and fresh perspectives I will give my own contribution to FA’s growth in the coming years.”

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