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During the summer we have also finished couple of new demonstration videos of FA to share with you. The purpose for these videos is to introduce and instruct in different features and functionalities of FA. You can access the videos with a personal password – please use the contact form below to get your password.

Analytics screen in FA

The Analytics screen provides you with key performance figures and visual graphs to allow you to analyse the performance of your portfolios easily. You can select the portfolios you want to analyse, group them using various security related parameters, and choose the time period. You can view the analysis both as a table and as two different graphs. You can also compare the return of different portfolios, groups or positions. The Analytics screen also allows you to export your analysis as an Excel file.

Instructions to Rebalancing in FA

In this video we’re giving you an introduction on how to rebalance your customers’ investment portfolios in FA. Rebalancing allows you to rebalance your portfolios against model portfolios and recommends what you should buy and sell to match your investment portfolio with a model portfolio. Rebalancing is especially useful for discretionary asset management.

The video includes a demonstration on how to create model portfolios, how to link your customers’ investment portfolios to appropriate model portfolios, how to rebalance your customers’ investment portfolios, and how to execute the recommended buys and sells.

Watch here

Instructions to Trade Order Management in FA

In this video we’re giving you an introduction on how to manage trade orders in FA. The video will show you how to create trade orders, how to modify the status of your trade orders, and how to execute your trade orders to create transactions on your customers’ investment portfolios.

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