Privanet selected FA Portfolio for brokerage platform

Privanet selected FA Portfolio for brokerage business platform. The solution gives automated processes from trade orders to reporting. Privanet is a leading non-listed equity and bond brokerage firm in Finland. Privanet had a need to find modern software for growing business needs and IT-partner to support current and coming needs.

From brokerage to reporting

Privanet was looking to find a new system to handle its needs in securities brokerage service. FA Solutions delivered the solution with business standard functionalities and with customized features. System is used in front, middle and back-office operations. Business is supported by fee calculations, reporting and bookkeeping with FA Portfolio solution.

Finnish non-listed securities brokerage industry

“Our business is enabling customers with direct access to investing non-listed securites. In early 2013 we started to seek out a solution for us – FA was a right choice due to their solution portfolio and knowhow. The solution gives us a platform to handle our growing securities and customer base. We are happy with the solution and thanks to FA’s knowhow the deployment process went smoothly”, says Kimmo Lönnmark, CEO of Privanet.

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