The growing FA Team welcomes Sofie, Jaakko and Patrik!

During this summer a variety of new team members joined FA Solutions, and in this article we are proudly introducing you our newest colleagues Sofie Ahti in administrative position, Jaakko Suhonen in the projects team and Patrik Wingqvist in the sales team.

Sofie Ahti

“I’m Sofie, 22 years old and balancing with work, school and skating career.

I’m currently studying my bachelor’s degree at Aalto University School of Business in accounting and corporate law. Before joining FA Solutions, I was working last couple of years part-time in an accounting firm as an assistant. During my time there, I learned to use various accounting management softwares which has taught me to understand accounts in a better way.

I joined FA in April and I’m working as an administrative assistant. Being part of the administration, I’m in charge of invoicing and other required accounting assistant tasks. I don’t have earlier experience about this industry but I’m eager to learn more and improve my knowledge. Hopefully I will make the administration more efficient and accurate with my motivated attitude and previous experience.

What comes to my hobbies, well I like to keep myself busy, so alongside with school and work I’m skating in a Finnish national team, Marigold IceUnity. I have been skating last 16 years and experiencing very unforgettable moments on the ice. Clearly, I don’t have much free time to do other hobbies but when I do, I like to try out new things or just relax by watching TV-series.

I’m very fortunate to join the FA team and eager to see what the future will hold for us!”

  • Administrative Assistant
  • sofie(a)
  • +358 50 540 3082
  • Helsinki

Jaakko Suhonen

“I’m originally from Espoo, but I studied finance in Vaasa and should graduate this autumn. My military time in Dragsvik, which is a Swedish speaking garrison, was memorable and gave me capabilities to communicate effectively also in Swedish.

My first ‘real’ summer job was at Nordea Private Bank 7 years ago and banking industry drew me instantly in. I have had various positions at Nordea during past years. The latest year I worked at Nordea Markets with interest rate derivatives.

In FA Solutions my title is Consultant and I have already been involved with customers deployment projects. I’m very keen to learn new thing, so I look forward to strengthening my technical abilities and software knowledge at FA. I hope I can utilise my experience and knowledge from banking sector to benefit both FA and customers.

I love two things: my fiancé and new experiences. This means I spent majority of my free time with her doing various sport activities and travelling to new places. I read constantly news and articles to keep up with the fast-paced finance industry, and to learn something new every day.”

  • Consultant
  • jaakko(a)
  • +358 20 794 0764
  • Helsinki
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Patrik Wingqvist

“Residing in Stockholm, Sweden, I graduated from Stockholm Business School with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. During my studies, I worked part-time as back office at a brokerage firm, spent half a year in the financial center of Asia, Hong Kong, and then proceeded as a Financial Advisor shortly after. Now, I am thrilled to enter the FinTech industry.

I am going to represent FA Solutions as an Account Manager, and work further with extending our trademark and service to new customers and markets. As I come from the other end of the stick – the ones in need of new and innovative solutions (rather than the ones developing it) – I believe I can relate to our customers’ needs, and therefore provide an important perspective to our company.”

  • Account Manager
  • patrik(a)
  • +46 702 92 10 92
  • Stockholm
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If you wish to join our growing team, we have multiple positions open currently. Read more at our Careers page!

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