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Breakfast seminar on Discretionary Asset Management in Oslo

Last week we were in Oslo for a breakfast seminar with Infront, presenting our fully automated & compliant asset management and trading solution for a group of interested participants. The seminar was part of our breakfast seminar series around the Nordic countries.

Following breakfast and mingle, Infront started the morning with a short introduction of themselves, followed by FA Solutions. After that, Richard from FA Solutions and Sindre from Infront demonstrated our integrated solution: model portfolio management and rebalancing with automated trade order execution through a seamless interface.

A number of portfolios were rebalanced versus their model, and trade orders were created in order to reach balance. These trade orders were then sent to the market for execution via Infront to the correct broker. When done, orders were sent automatically back to FA, where they became transactions that automatically updated all the client portfolios. All in an instant but for demonstration purposes in less than 10 minutes!

Presentations were followed by the audience which showed great interest by asking many questions during and after the demo. We also had a client case presented by one of our Norwegian clients, which also generated great interest and questions as they were telling us about their experiences from efficiently implementing and using our integrated solution in their Norwegian operations.[/cs_text]

A warm thank you to everyone who made the morning successful and pleasant by showing keen interest towards our integrated asset management and trading solution by participating in the seminar. We hope to see you soon in Norway!