How do you impact the world around you?

We are currently assumed to be in the 5th era of giving in the history of mankind, and some argue that it is the positive flip-side of the capitalist coin; a result of large fortunes being amassed during a period of strong economic growth. But philanthropy is not just about giving money away – it is about becoming engaged with making the world around you a better place.

Many are involved with ways to support initiatives that have altruistic objectives to tackle social challenges. The involvement varies from pure financial donations, setting up a family foundation, to Impact Investing. The latter implies solving social or environmental challenges whilst generating a revenue. Irrespective of the philanthropic format, a more business-like approach is becoming widespread. Terms such as Venture Philanthropy and Philanthrocapitalism are often used to emphasise this business approach.

Apart from FA’s ability to automatically aggregate portfolio holdings and transactions from banks and asset managers, the FA platform is a comprehensive tool capable of keeping track of all your altruistic activities. Aggregating and tracking the amount activated over time and to which areas it has been directed is done with ease, and where applicable, the impact can also be tracked. FA is a modern web-based solution that gives principals and other stakeholders real control over all assets and access wherever you are.

On 19 May, the 4th Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium will be held, in English, at Scandic Continental where traditional and new philanthropic approaches will be presented and discussed. This year’s theme is focussed on the role of philanthropy in addressing global challenges such as philanthropy’s response to the refugee crisis and role in integration. Several hundred participants come together to engage, inspire and be inspired, and FA Solutions will be there too. To register, go to

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