FA First


Portfolio Management

Manage all of your assets in one platform. Consolidate assets from various levels and dimensions.


Keep track of your risk and return figures. See your portfolios’ different exposures and allocations.


Produce your whitelabled reports with ease. The report library covers the most of the basic needs.

Document Bank

Store all of your documents consistently in the document bank on each level.

Corporate Actions

Record corporate actions in the platform and it handles the calculations on affected portfolios.


Manage all of your people and entity structures with respected portfolios in one platform.

Secure SaaS

Access your platform wherever you have internet securely with two-factor authentication.


Import/export data automatically to/from your other management tools.

FA First is the plug and play version of our FA Platform. It has been designed for family offices, personal asset management, holding companies, and other institutions.

FA First supports listed equities, fixed income, real estate, private equity, FX spot or forwards, other illiquid assets, commodities, and cash accounts. Each investment type has the associated transaction types as well, such as committed capital, rental income, coupons, value adjustments, buys/sells etc.

  • FA First
  • FA First

All of your assets in one platform

FA First is a powerful tool for listed equities and non-listed equities. In addition to basic details e.g. ISIN and allocations, you can easily manage corporate actions such as dividends, stock splits etc. with associated fees.
Manage your fixed income investments with accrued interest and coupon payments based on according bond calendars and base instruments such as CPIs or indices. The instrument coverage is wide, so whether it is a goverment bond or a private debt, it can be recorded.
FA First allows you to track your fund investments with sector allocations and more. In addition, you can set the on-going fees for the funds and be able to see your return figures either with or without the fees that your investments are exposed to.
Real Estate are an essential part of your investment portfolio. You can track your real estate investments, adjust their market values and book all accosiated profits and costs to be able to track your real estate performance.
Indices can be added and used in the platform as a benchmark for portfolios for example. You can build a composite benchmark for portfolios individually with time series, so the analysis remains consistent throughout time.
Incorporate private equity investments into your portfolio setup and keep a record of your capital commitments and calls. With the analysis you can see your best performers in terms of distributions per paid in capital and other private equity metrics.
Manage your cash accounts in different currencies on a portfolio basis. Link all of your transactions to the associated cash accounts to get reliable TWR history over time.
FA First Platform can manage currencies and currency crosses which can be linked to other securities. The currency profit can be then segregated out of the security profit. Also, the platform enables to handle cashflows associated with FX Forward and FX Spot transactions.
There are lots of different kinds of structured products, ETPs and other SPVs out there. With FA First, you can keep track of those and incorporate them into the portfolio analysis as a natural part of the investment universe.
Commodities are a good way of diversifying your portfolio. FA First supports commodities as a part of your assets.

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