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White-Label Business

Do you have a business idea? Are you thinking of launching a new service to your business partners? We are here to help! FA Solutions offers 100% customisable white-label solutions for your business. Let us take care of technology while you concentrate on your business.

Concentrate on your core business

We offer advanced technical solutions for organizations within financial services to effortlessly set up new digital services and businesses.

New distribution channels

Find new, innovative ways to distribute your services and products. FA Platform enables you to run your own business as well as serve your partners and end clients – everything in a single system.

Easy implementation

Choose the needed functionalities from our extensive set of modules, let us set them up for you with the desired appearance, and you're good to go!

Automated data flows

FA Platform connects fluently to data sources and your other IT systems, removing the unnecessary manual burden. Seamless: Audit trail, regulatory requirements

White-Label Solutions for
Major Global Corporations

Legacy systems limit introducing new products and businesses. Replacing these systems is time-consuming and bureaucratic for an urgent business need. Does this sound familiar? The solution is a stand-alone white label platform. Our modern platform connects seamlessly to your other systems through APIs.

White-Label Solutions for
Newly Founded Start-Ups

Hiring the personnel or outsourcing the technical development is costly and time-consuming. Is your business something that you could run with white label software solutions? White-labeling enables an agile way of business development and service design without engaging too much resources.

One platform for serving a variety of stakeholders, such as business partners, distributors, and individuals.

FA Platform has been chosen for the white-labeling needs of

How we do it

Major Nordic Bank

Reference available by request

With FA Platform and Roboblock technology, Investium and JAM Advisors Ltd are able to both concentrate on their core businesses and distribute their services seamlessly.

"A new innovative solution which combines multiple engines in one system, with a superior user experience. We are extremely satisfied and we hope to build a bigger family of services going forward.”

“We want to provide services in an ecosystem with our partners. Operations are efficient when each member of the network focuses on their core competencies.”


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