Family Office 2.0

Meeting and exceeding client expectations in the XXI century

Single- and Multi-Family Offices have the same goal at their core – providing quality Wealth Management services to clients across generations with different investment goals. Maintaining an entangled web of Excel sheets or an outdated Portfolio Management system makes it difficult to focus on delivering solid investment advice.

Modern technology can alleviate the burdens of running a Family Office, allowing investment advisors to concentrate on what matters the most – making smart investments that work for each family member. XXI century ultra-wealthy families expect Wealth Management services to keep up with the times, providing on-demand reports across devices and access to their portfolio performance data on the go. With up-to-date technology supporting the core processes in your Family Office, matching the standard of service expected by clients becomes infinitely easier.

This whitepaper explores global trends affecting Family Offices, the issues FOs face in managing family members’ wealth, as well as how these challenges can be solved efficiently with the help of technology.

This whitepaper includes


Global Trends Impacting Family Offices Right Now


First-Hand Experiences of Our Clients and Partners


3 Concrete Steps How to Take Your Business to The Next Level

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