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FA Solutions is your “one stop shop” for replacing multiple software platforms with a single software platform to run your Asset Management business. Whether you’re an equity-based local advisor or a full-scale enterprise with global multi-asset-class portfolios with complex PE-instruments, we offer a solution to suit your needs and business processes.

Our FA Platform allows you to handle any kind of asset types and multi-dimensional portfolio hierarchies in real-time, using a transaction-based portfolio management system, that provides you a solid base for your Investment Book of Records (IBOR). We support you in running your business as required by the regulations of the financial industry, such as MiFID II: gathering background information (e.g. KYC, AML, PEP), providing investment advice and product information (incl. PRIIPs, KID), managing customer relations, delivering proposals, closing deals, generating trade orders and communicating with trading venues, reporting automatically and on demand, recording audit trails, and much more.

With the FA Platform you can easily automate monotonous and painstaking processes, such as regulatory reporting (FATCA, CRS, MIFIR, etc.), data aggregation from external sources (APIs, SWIFT), corporate action management, and accurate fee calculations.

To harmonise customer service and enhance usability, our solution supports a multi-channel approach on desktop, mobile or tablet.

It was of high importance for us to select a provider and a solution that is both broad and flexible, preferably consisting of modules. Thus, the solution should support our expansion without limiting us. FA Solutions provided us with this and has been a competent and reliable supplier that understands our requirements and our vision.Patrik Inge, CEO of Consortum Capital Investments

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Top features for Asset & Portfolio Management

Our modularised platform enables you to choose exactly the functionalities you need for your business.
Below we exemplify what our Asset Management customer typically considers important for them.

Portfolio Management

Handle any kind of asset types and complex portfolio structures in our real-time, transaction-based portfolio management system.

Customer Onboarding and CRM

We provide you with MiFID II compliant client onboarding, CRM designed for the financial industry, and secure online access for your end customers.

Order Management and Trading

Manage an entire life cycle of a trade in an integrated, compliant, and transparent way. Send orders to your preferred broker, and monitor the status and execution information in real time.


Integrate pre- and post-trade compliance seamlessly into your workflows.

Corporate Action Management

Automate the time-consuming, cumbersome aspects of corporate action management.

Model Portfolio Management

Apply your models to your portfolios efficiently with FA’s intelligent rebalancing logic.

Top things to know:
Multi asset class, multi-currency, multi product types software
Advanced performance measurement and tools
Cost and fee calculation models
Trade order management
Model portfolio management and rebalancing functionality
Customizable and automated client reporting and benchmarking the portfolios
Audit trail and support for compliance
Custodian, DMA and market data integration
More features:
Integrated CRM module with client and investor data
Real time position, transaction and performance information
Performance analytics
Dashboards for summary data at a glance
Advanced query and search capabilities
Business intelligence reporting capabilities
Automated reconciliation of trade information, settlement data, transactions and positions
GIPS-compliant composite reporting and maintenance
Outsourced reconciliation and data management option
We offer:
1 one software platform for investment management
2 the ready availability of your business
3 always the latest release included in monthly fee
4 continuity and security plan
5 additional features and modules as your business grows

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