Software for


of your financial advice and product sales.

Regulatory compliant
Client Onboarding

Guide advisors through KYC information collection, automated proposal creation, and final execution of contracts and trade orders.

CRM designed for
the Financial Industry

Gather all relevant data for efficient management of potential and existing customers as required by regulations.

Transactions and
Trade Orders

Manage an entire life cycle of a trade in an integrated, compliant, and transparent way.

Automated and
On Demand Reporting

Manage an entire life cycle of a trade in an integrated, compliant, and transparent way.

Optimise your operations in branch office sales and client management. With our solution tellers and bankers can easily provide accurate MiFID II compliant investment advice, and find the best solution for the client while everything is recorded and reported as required by the regulation. Additionally, sales managers can easily manage products and sales priorities as well as review up-to-date information about sales activities within sales teams.

Our solution for Banks supports all phases of a financial product sale as required by the regulations of the financial industry, such as MiFID II: gathering background information (e.g. KYC, AML, PEP), providing investment advice and product information (incl. PRIIPs, KID), managing customer relations, delivering proposals, closing deals, generating trade orders, reporting automatically and on demand, recording audit trails, and much more.

To harmonise customer service and enhance usability, our solution supports a multi-channel approach on desktop, mobile or tablet. Our software solution also includes flexible APIs to integrate to other tools used as well as secure communication and authentication models.

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