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Whether you are a UCITS Fund, Alternative Investment Fund, Private Equity Fund, Hedge Fund or Management Company, with our one click fund management solution you can take care of everything and be able to efficiently handle the complexity of fund management in different markets. The administration work is minimised as all the data, such as NAV calculations and shareholder registries, is in a single system. The pressure of meeting deadlines when reporting to clients and authorities will no longer be an issue.

With the FA Platform you can easily automate cumbersome and laborious processes, such as NAV calculations, various reports (quarterly reporting, tax reporting, transaction reporting, UCITS, AIFM, FATCA, CRS, MIFIR, etc.), data aggregation from external sources (APIs, SWIFT), electronic trading and order management, and accurate fee calculations. High-Water Marks, kickbacks and other performance fee calculations can be easily set up, for instance a fund of funds. On top of that, you can effortlessly set up and manage discretionary mandates, accounts, and multiple share classes. Everything is of course recorded in an audit trail as required by the regulations of the industry.

Moreover we always offer you the latest release of our software which enables you to be the most competitive on the market. Fast and easy access to accurate and reliable data gives you a platform to discover inaccuracies early and deliver exceptional client service.

We’re able to minimise manual reporting and calculation work with FA.Ken Söhrman, FCG Fonder

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Top features for Fund Management & Administration

Our modularised platform enables you to choose exactly the functionalities you need for your business.
Below we exemplify what our Fund Management customer typically considers important for them.

Fund Management

Manage fund portfolios, NAV calculations, and shareholder registries effortlessly. Supporting a broad range of assets and currencies, different share classes, and complex fee structures.

Automated Reporting

Reports for customers, authorities and stakeholders can be generated with a single click or fully automated.

Model Portfolios

Apply your models to your portfolios efficiently with FA’s intelligent rebalancing logic.

Corporate Actions

Automate the time-consuming, cumbersome aspects of corporate action management.

Fee Calculations

Mass-produce complicated calculations automatically and accurately.

Top things to know:
1 NAV calculation
2 Connections to custody
3 Support for bookkeeping
4 Fund and portfolio management
5 Multiple fee and cost types
6 CRM with client and investor data
7 Integrated online reporting solution
8 Online access to portfolio and fund system
More features:
1 Real time position, transaction and performance information
2 Performance analytics
3 Dashboards for summary data at a glance
4 Advanced query and search capabilities
5 Business intelligence reporting capabilities
6 Automated reconciliation of trade information, settlement data, transactions and positions
7 GIPS-compliant composite reporting and maintenance
8 Outsourced reconciliation and data management option
We offer:
1 one software platform for investment management
2 the ready availability of your business
3 always the latest release included in monthly fee
4 continuity and security plan
5 additional features and modules as your business grows

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