Institutional Investors & Pension Funds

in your business.

With us you’ll have a true control of all of your assets including real estate, private equity and more. We offer a technology platform that supports your business requirements and processes. Whether you’re an equity-based local investor or a full-scale pension fund with global, multi-asset-class portfolios with complex PE-instruments, we offer you a solution to suit your needs and processes.

Moreover we offer always the latest release of software which enables you to be the most competitive on the market. Platform that provides fast and easy access to accurate and reliable data is a necessity for accurate reporting in internal and external use.

We offer:
1 one software platform for investment management
2 the ready availability of your business
3 always the latest release included in monthly fee
4 continuity and security plan
5 additional features and modules as your business grows

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Top things to know:
1 Multi asset class, multi-currency, multi product types software
2 Advanced performance measurement and tools
3 Stress tests, simulations, Risk calculation, attribution analysis
4 Trade order management
5 Model portfolio management and rebalancing functionality
6 Customizable and automated client reporting and benchmarking the portfolios
7 Audit trail and support for compliance
8 Custodian, DMA and market data integration
More features:
1 Integrated CRM module with client and investor data
2 Real time position, transaction and performance information
3 Performance analytics
4 Dashboards for summary data at a glance
5 Advanced query and search capabilities
6 Business intelligence reporting capabilities
7 Automated reconciliation of trade information, settlement data, transactions and positions
8 GIPS-compliant composite reporting and maintenance
9 Outsourced reconciliation and data management option

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We work closely with you to find
the best solution for your business.

We make your business always accessible
with every device.

With us you will have an investment management platform that grows with you.

We support you during the deployment and over the years to come. You will have access to our expert consultants, training and online support.

With us you will always have the latest release of the software. Included in the price.