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Take your Front Office to the next level with online & mobile FA

Our platform is the central analysis and decision-support platform that is designed especially for portfolio managers covering a wide range of asset classes and instrument types. Our asset management software includes intuitive position analysis and investment-simulation capabilities with relevant risk and performance metrics.

Our integrated CRM functionality is designed for the financial industry and enables you to view essential parameters and metrics such as client details, tax rules, client transactions and bank account information. You’ll also get a portfolio overview, overview of performance measurement figures and compliance limit exposure. The solution is fully integrated with Trade Order management and all other features.

We deliver FA Platform for Front Office as an integrated enterprise solution or as a stand-alone platform. With us you get automated front office workflows and task management with real time position and transaction view. The solution reduces your operational risk, allows efficient generation of strategies, and supports multiple investment processes, strategies, asset classes, and management tasks – everything on a single platform.

“At the same time we are able to serve customers effectively and individually, and produce needed materials and reports. While computer is taking care of the documentation and reporting, people working in customer interface can concentrate on what’s the most important, the customer.”Lilian Bergström, S-Pankki

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Top Features for Front Office

Our modularised platform enables you to choose exactly the functionalities you need for your business.
Below we exemplify what our Front Office user typically considers important for them.

Portfolio Management

Handle any kinds of asset types and complex portfolio structures in our real-time, transaction-based portfolio management system.

Model Portfolios and Rebalancing

Apply your models to your portfolios efficiently with FA’s intelligent rebalancing logic.

Transactions and Trade Orders

Manage an entire life cycle of a trade in an integrated, compliant, and transparent way.

Customer Onboarding and CRM

Our solution supports regulatory compliant client onboarding, CRM designed for the financial industry, and secure online access for your end customers.

Online Access for Your Customers

Let your customers view and analyse their investments whenever they want and wherever they are with secure authentication.

Accurate Investment Analysis

Get a comprehensive overview of your customer’s investments and analyse their portfolios from different angles.

We work closely with you to find
the best solution for your business.


We make your business always accessible
with every device.


With us you will have an investment management platform that grows with you.


We support you during the deployment and over the years to come. You will have access to our expert consultants, training and online support.

With us you will always have the latest release of the software. Included in the price.