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Workshop Descriptions

Day 1

Managerial stream
Operational stream
Technical stream
13:00 Compliance
Compliance is an important part of every company and it is important that your IT system can assist you in handling the compliance that you need for your business. In this stream we will go through what compliance support we currently have in FA.
Customer service in FA
This stream provides you an introduction to FA Customer Services team. You'll get to know more about our work flow, practices, function, performance, service promise and committed people. After the introduction, we'll have open discussion and can share ideas as well as valuable feedback.
Querying FA with SQL
Did you know that you can write your own SQL queries in FA and utilize them to build your own reports, dashboards, monitoring, and APIs? You can even connect your queries with FA Front. In this stream we'll show you how to get the most out of the querying features of FA.
14:00 Trading automation in FA
An important part in Trade Order Management is removal of manual work and human error. FA’s Trading Connectors automate your Trade Order Management by sending fund, bond, and equity orders to the relevant counterparties. We will go through how FA Platform does it and which trading platforms we support.
Reconciliation flow in FA
This stream takes you through the improved functionality for Reconciliation of positions in FA with improved UI and usability. We will also briefly go through current functionality for cash and positions reconciliation.
Practical applications of APIs in FA
Using APIs is a powerful way to extract information from FA and to update the data. It enables FA users to extend platform functionality or automate the business processes further. In this session, we will go through some practical examples of utilizing APIs in FA Platform.

Day 2

Managerial stream
Operational stream
Technical stream
10:15 How FA can best support your business
The best business software supports your business processes instead of making it necessary to adjust your processes to match the applications logic. FA is a highly customisable business application that can be easily configured to match and support your business processes. We will show some simple ways to configure FA to better support the daily work in your organization.
Introduction to FX contracts
This stream provides you with a quick introduction to how to set up relevant preferences for FX contracts, and a thorough demonstration on how to manage FX contracts in FA. How do I enter my FX contracts? Where and how can I see details of my FX contract positions? After this stream, you will know answers to these questions and more.
Customising FA Front
Your data, your style, your FA Front. FA Front is a tailored app which has personalized themes and custom-built widgets to display your data in the way you wish. Join us to learn how you can take control and design your Front.
11:15 Machine learning & FA
You've probably heard the phrase "machine learning" a hundred times by now. Join this stream to learn what this phrase actually means, and to hear about our experiences utilizing machine learning techniques in FA.
Pre- & post-trade limits
This stream provides you with a brief introduction to how to set up your investment limits in FA. In addition, it walks you through the features that allow you to analyze your portfolios’ limits post-trade, pre-trade and based on an investment plan, including following your portfolios’ limit statuses and checking pre-trade limits before saving new trade orders.
Integrating FA with other services
Integration is no longer a swearword with modern applications that expose their services through an interface. We will demostrate how to integrate FA Platform with other applications using some existing integration tools available online.

Selection Form

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Day 1
13:00-14:00, first workshop
  Managerial stream: Compliance    Operational stream: Customer service in FA    Technical stream: Querying FA with SQL  
14:00-15:00, second workshop
  Managerial stream: Trading automation in FA    Operational stream: Reconciliation flow in FA    Technical stream: Practical applications of APIs in FA  
Day 2
10:15-11:15, first workshop
  Managerial stream: How FA can best support your business    Operational stream: Introduction to FX contracts    Technical stream: Customising FA Front  
11:15-12:15, second workshop
  Managerial stream: Machine learning in FA    Operational stream: Pre- & post-trade limits    Technical stream: Integrating FA with other services  
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