18-03-2016 FA Solutions introduces functions known from everyday life but never seen in the financial industry

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Helsinki 18-03-2016. FA Solutions introduces new and interesting functionalities for the financial industry.

As you might know, people are already familiar with all kinds of app stores from their personal life: mobile phones, computers and gaming. Now for the first time this app store functionality is brought to business software and to the financial industry.

With FA AppStore users can easily install reports, processes and components they need for their everyday working. Installing happens with a click of a button, and with a familiar user experience from everyday life. Traditionally these kinds of configurations and extensions needs to be made by the software provider, but with the app store functionality the power is in the user organisation. FA AppStore allows companies to efficiently customise their asset management platform to fit their business needs.

With the other new major feature, Dashboard, a single user of the FA platform can customise their landing page to see the most important information at the first sight. User can define what kind of information they want to see and in what form: as a table and numbers, or as graphic charts. With this functionality FA platform can easily be customised in the user level as well, in addition to the customisation possibilities at the company level.

FA Solutions also invites third party providers to offer their solutions via the FA platform – for example market data and terminal solutions to financial industry.

More information:
Hannes Helenius
partner and Chairman of the Board, FA Solutions
+358 40 146 7760, hannes@fasolutions.com

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