FA Solutions’ Code of Conduct

Trust, co-operation and development as the driving values for a better future

Good corporate governance

FA Solutions complies with best practices in corporate governance in the management of the company, including the separation of duties between management and the board of directors. FA Solutions implements clear procedures for reporting and an effective control environment to safeguard the interest of clients, shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders. The company also ensures conformity to law regarding surveillance and reporting practices.

Good business practice

FA Solutions bases all of its business relations on commercial intent with pertinent legal contracts agreed and signed by all related parties. The company prohibits any form of corruption or bribery in its operations and does not offer, pay, or accept bribes or any other kinds of illegal payments, either in the public or private sector.

Employer responsibilities

FA Solutions provides a safe and inspiring working environment for all its employees. The company encourages both the personal and professional development of its employees and does not tolerate any kind of physical or mental discrimination or harassment in the workplace. The company is firmly committed to treating all employees fairly, equally, and impartially and does not approve of or use forced labour or child labour.

Intellectual property rights

FA Solutions complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and international agreements regarding the protection of intellectual property rights.

Environmental friendliness

FA Solutions subscribes to being an environmentally friendly company and the solutions the company offers to clients encourage eco-efficiency and sustainable development.