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Our mission is to simplify the complex world of Investment Management through the application of market-leading technology solutions.
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    Seamless Portfolio Management for the Wealth Management industry with the FA Platform

    With the global intergenerational wealth transition, technological advances, and new investment trends, more than ever is being demanded from wealth managers to modernise the customer experience.

    Delivering the best experience starts with strong foundations in portfolio management and investment operations, seamlessly integrated into a flexible client portal and multi-channel experience.

    One System to Handle it All

    One Platform. One Database.

    Enterprise platforms that are functionally rich enough to support an entire business are at the forefront of the market. The FA Platform is leading this market with its ability to support both public and private markets, including digital and physical assets.

    The FA Platform handles everything in one solution, ensuring you have a holistic view of your business without complex integrations and data transfers.

    Keeping up with Diverse Investment Preferences

    Access to newer and more diverse investment types is becoming a prerequisite from many customers.

    The FA Platform provides wealth managers support for both public and private markets, including digital and physical assets, customer-specific mandates and ensures you have the right tools to offer clients flexibility.

    Real-Time Engagement & Self-Service Portals

    The need for a digital experience is ever growing, with on demand access a priority for customers. FA Solutions digital client portal provides an unbeatable immediacy of information, with ability to build custom user experiences, integrate real-time reporting, offer self-investment tools and more.

    Transparency & Control over your decision-making process

    The FA Platform handles a wide variety of asset types including both public and private markets. With most wealth managers diversifying into less traditional assets, it is imperative that the core technology back-bone of your business does not limit you to enter into new markets or asset types.

    Client Management

    Manage the full customer life cycle seamlessly in one solution, from digital client onboarding, relationship and investment management to a digital client portal. One solution provides you with a single source of truth across your entire business.

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    Portfolio Management

    Manage all your assets in one platform across public and private markets. Aggregate all your positions and cash in real time to aid decision making on your portfolio, alongside tracking all on-going orders and settlements.

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    Client Portal

    An on demand, real time digital client portal provides end customers with an accurate view of their portfolio without delay. White-labeling and custom integrations allow for tailoring to meet your business needs.

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    Flexible integration options with multiple banks and custodians to reconcile your investment data and easily identify any irregularities. The FA Platform provides the ability to run automated workflows with exception reporting and full audit trails.

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    Flexible pre and post-trade compliance checks, applicable across various stages of the customer journey, and provide effective monitoring of portfolios. This allows you to stay in control of mandates with ease and effectively keep track of and resolve breaches.

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    Analytics & Insights

    Extensive data analytics, including performance, risk and exposure, combined with insightful dashboards provide both a holistic and detailed view of your portfolio data. Drill down to individual portfolios and strategies or aggregate multiple levels of your business lines into one complete view to facilitate reporting.

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    What our clients are saying

    "Due to the industry environment changing so rapidly, with new regulations issued every year, wealth managers need to increase the frequency of major changes to their tech platform. By using an agile, cloud-based provider, we can rely on them to keep watch on new industry developments and to reduce the cost it takes to implement the changes. We can just focus on providing good service to our clients."
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