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Success doesn’t come alone;
it needs successful people behind it.

If you're an experienced professional with a proven track record, we'd love to welcome you to contribute to our success story. To sustain our progress and thrive amidst growth, we invite you to become a valuable member of our multicultural team.

Are you on the brink of completing your studies or seeking that perfect internship to kickstart your career journey? Look no further – your future begins with us! Send us an open application and embark on an exciting professional adventure.

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    Health & Wellness

    We're big on the idea that everyone's health and well-being play a significant role in our success. The healthcare and Auntie wellbeing package is included in each of our employees' contract.

    * plan may differ by country

    Learning & Development

    Our culture which is built on trust, cooperation and development. Our goal is to empower and uplift through on-the-job learning, continuous feedback, self-improvement, training, and mentoring.

    Hybrid Workplace

    Night owl or an early bird, you choose whether you start your workdays at 7 or 9:30 – at the office or somewhere else.

    Office Premises

    Being located in the heart of the city, getting to the offices is quick and easy from anywhere.

    Work-life Balance

    Stay energetic at all times with lunch, sports and culture benefits.

    * plan may differ by country


    We gather together regularly to get to know each other better and discuss different ideas.

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    At FA, we are always interested in competent individuals. Feel free to submit an open application to introduce yourself to us!
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