FA platform for middle & back office

Automate Back & Middle Office operations to grow efficiently

With us and our single repository storing all transactions, financial figures, and benchmarks, you can utilize consistent and fully transparent data. You can automate your daily, weekly, or monthly corporate actions and reporting needs. Moreover, the fee and cost calculation is your tool to run the whole business, and it’s fully integrated into our platform. Our investment performance measurement tool frees you to spend more time adding value to the investment process and less on cleaning, calculating, aggregating, and verifying data.

Top features for Middle & Back Office

fund management

Fund management

Streamline the workflows around managing multiple fund portfolios, reporting, calculating NAVs, and maintaining shareholder registries.

fee calculations

Fee Calculations

Simplify your portfolio-level fee management routines. Automatically and accurately perform calculations of multiple fee types.


Automated Reporting

Get a comprehensive overview of your customer's investments and analyse their portfolios from different angles.

corporate actions

Corporate Actions

Record corporate actions in the platform and it handles the calculations on affected portfolios.



Generate settlement instructions in standard e-formats, easily track status, and streamline processes by connecting FA to your custodians.



Keep up with regulatory reporting and uphold portfolio-specific restrictions.

"With FA we have a comprehensive setup with automated processes from trade orders to reporting. FA Platform is the perfect portfolio management tool for JAM."
Christian Borgström, founding partner at JAM Advisors Ltd.

Utilize built-in transparency and complete accessibility

Our solution provides you with built-in transparency capabilities so you can drill back from any return to the market values and cash flows that underlie it. From this point, the tool enables you to access transaction data, as well as security data or market data in order to confirm all the inputs into the calculation.
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  • Example

We give you a holistic return and performance calculation

With us, you have a fully flexible investment structure to point the way to each and every investment strategy, portfolio, sub-portfolio, and ultimately to each and every holding. You can calculate returns and performance key ratios across the entire structure, per mandate, or aggregated across mandates. This makes your task of measuring performance at every decision-making step of the investment process all the easier.

Why choose FA Solutions?

FA team

We work closely with you to find the best solution for your business.

We make your business always accessible with every device.

With us, you will have an investment management platform that grows with you.

We support you during the deployment and over the years to come. You will have access to our expert consultants, training, and online support.

With us, you will always have the latest release of the software. Included in the price.


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