A U.S. based life insurance company chose FA Solutions

We are pleased to announce that we have signed our first United States-based client. The client is a life insurance and insurance provider company.

According to the client, one reason why they chose FA Solutions among all other options was because of our ‘very good-looking’ user interface. They say it is one of the best they have seen from the different companies they were analyzing. 

This client also really appreciated the FA Back and FA Front approach, actually to the point that they decided to start a whole new business line around FA Front. They are opening offices in another continent providing life insurance, and they are going to use FA Front to facilitate the work of their local insurance agents. The agents will be able to log into FA Front and show the company’s products there, and they will be subscribing to different mutual funds, which will be wrapped in this life insurance wrapper.

There will also be an end-client portal for the end clients to log in and see how their investments are doing and how much their policy has accrued through the different contributions. So, the end clients and agents will be able to submit orders through FA Front from where they will end up in FA Back, which will be integrated with the fund settlement. This means we will be digitally managing the entire trade order life cycle in FA Platform, and there will be no manual interventions. 

All the client has to do is select what kind of strategy they want to go for, an aggressive or conservative one or something in between. The FA Platform will include different model portfolios consisting of mutual funds or ETFs, so every month the end client makes new deposits, they will be rebalanced accordingly. 

What will be new and unique for us with this client is that they will be having these insurance agents selling their products through our FA Platform and end clients looking and using FA Front. That enables the end clients to either operate themselves digitally in FA Front or sit down with their insurance agents who do the job. So, this way, our client can offer its clients the freedom of choice and flexibility, and thus a better user experience.

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