FA Solutions welcomes a record number of new clients in June 2022

FA Building Momentum with Cloud PMS and Open API Interoperability

FA Solutions is happy to announce that 2022 has seen our strongest start to a year ever in terms of welcoming new clients. Thank you for the continued support in our journey to creating the future backbone of your investment management operations! 

Largely fuelled by the need for operations to be universally accessible in a hybrid working world and the growing expectation of a seamlessly integrated ecosystem, June 2022 has seen particularly increased demand for our services with four new clients signing up for our solutions. Highlights include welcoming our first Dutch client following the opening of our offices in Herleen earlier this year as well as continued support seen from new asset managers joining from Helsinki, Sweden, and Norway. 

Boutique Asset Manager Scaling Portfolio Management to Streamline Growth

One particular boutique investment firm joining us in June represents a case we are very familiar with, for they are experiencing welcomed growth in both AUM and demand for a variety of investment types. This triggered the need to assess the IT infrastructure in order to ensure a cost-efficient ability to scale. The key to taking the business to the next level was not only ensuring the systems were fit for purpose today but also in 5, 10, and 15 years without the need for major infrastructure change and without complex integration protocols.

A system that was configurable enough for the newly evolved investment strategies combined with the ability to provide customers direct access through an integrated mobile-first portal was, therefore, an important selection criterion. 

Investment Firm Future-Proofing Against Technology Evolution & Investment Complexity 

An alternative investor was one of the many new clients seen joining FA this year where one of the key requirements in its decision was for a single system to cater to both traditional assets but also the private and unlisted categories allowing a true IBOR in a single source. Being based in the cloud, FA future-proofed their operations from the new working environment being accessible anywhere without the need to install any software. 

Newly Formed Investment Firm Needs Simple, Familiar, Integrated Solution 

A newly launched investment firm that would usually find it difficult to justify an implementation of a full portfolio management system has been able to streamline their adoption through FA’s repeatable deployment through a mutual intermediary. 

Through the growing recognition of the FA platform, we are experiencing a number of companies that are recommending us to their customers to provide joint services. Due to the lightweight and standardized onboarding processes, once a company has experience of working jointly with one customer, it becomes very easy to scale this relationship. 

Presently recommendations make up much of our new business and we will continue to strive to live up to the expectation. For more information on how we are helping businesses reduce costs, refine operations and differentiate the services to downstream clients, please reach out or request a demo to find out more. 

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