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FA excels in client satisfaction survey

FA Solutions conducted recently a Nordic client satisfaction survey. We asked from the current clients, who use our solutions and services in their daily work, how likely would they be to recommend FA to their friends and colleagues on a scale between 0 (not likely) and 10 (very likely). We were happy to find out, that 83% of the answers were between 8 and 10. Net Promoter Score (share of 9-10 answers minus share of 0-6 answers) was a staggering +37%. FA has extremely satisfied clients that are ready to recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

We conducted a similar survey 18 months earlier and the result had improved quite a lot since then even if at the same time the number of clients had significantly increased. We received positive feedback especially on our swift support and expertise. At the same time, our products have evolved and improved so much that we are able to help out our clients to deal with their daily work more efficiently. The satisfaction rate among FA’s newest clients was especially high – deployment projects have been smooth and their switching to FA have usually meant improved efficiency and simpler daily processes.

“Our mission is to keep the quality high and our clients happy. We do this by improving our products and services constantly”, says Juha Lehtonen, CEO of FA Solutions. The best way to accomplish this is by listening to our clients, so your feedback is valuable to us.

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