FA grows in Norway with new customers

Since FA Platform was launched in 2010, our main goal has been to expand our customer base outside of Finland. Establishing the offices in Sweden (2012) and in UK (2018) opened many doors to grow globally. FA has actively focused on the Nordic markets and we won our first Norwegian client in 2016.

Our product offering was attractive to this already well-digitized Wealth Management market, where new and existing players cannot successfully compete without up-to-date technology supporting their operations. FA Platform was appreciated by Norwegian customers for many reasons, including:

  • FA Platform supports Wealth Managers in automating daily tasks, such as reporting to authorities or shareholders, rebalancing, bookkeeping, NAV calculations, trade order management, and more.
  • A modern and fully integrated customer portal – FA Front – that makes up-to-date portfolio performance data accessible to end clients.
  • Collecting and showing all portfolio information in one place. By using a single database, FA Platform ensures smooth onboarding and simplifies daily maintenance.
  • FA Platform is a SaaS solution, built on modern technology with open APIs, making development fast and responsive. We also provide regular updates that add new features and improve performance to all customers as part of the license fee.
  • Ability to manage various accounts such as ASK, IPS and ISK as well as both standard and complex securities for example private equity, real estate, art, hedge funds, private equity funds, and more.

By providing a modern solution that keeps improving, FA has been successful in growing its customer base in Norway over the years. At the beginning of 2020, after a thorough selection process, we were selected to provide FA Platform to an Asset Manager in Bergen. The company was looking to automate their Portfolio Management further with a more efficient solution. The requirements were to provide better and more flexible client reporting, to handle various complex instruments, and to offer more transparency.

We are also happy to welcome another Norwegian Asset Manager onboard this spring. This customer operates across the Nordics and has managed funds and discretionary portfolios for over 100 years. They specialize in Portfolio Management and analysis, with superior client service being a priority, making it especially important for them to have a modern SaaS solution with an integrated portal for end clients.

“Due to the industry environment changing so rapidly, with new regulations issued every year, Wealth Managers need to increase the frequency of major changes to their tech platform. By using an agile, cloud-based provider, we can rely on them to keep watch on new industry developments and to reduce the cost it takes to implement the changes. We can just focus on providing good service to our clients,”
comments the CEO

FA Solutions was selected to deliver a comprehensive platform that would be able to keep up with the latest IT developments for Wealth Managers and new regulations in the sector. Ultimately, using a flexible, single-database SaaS Portfolio Management solution will help them switch focus from daily maintenance work to ensuring data quality and ultimately expanding the product offering for retail customers.

We will continue to concentrate on Norway as one of promising markets for further expansion. We are closely following developments in regulatory requirements for the region so that our solution helps Nordic Wealth Managers stay compliant and future-proof.

If you want to read more about how FA Solutions can help your company in Norway, feel free to browse our newly launched Norwegian page or contact us directly.

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