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FA Platform in 2019 – what is coming?

If you have followed FA Solutions for a while, you know that we develop our product constantly. We know very well that for a modern FinTech software provider agility is key, so we have set our targets high for 2019. Here is an outline of main improvements we aim to bring into FA Platform during this year.

First and foremost, our Product Development team is hard at work right now to deliver the new version – FA 3.2, planned for release in the first quarter. As usual, it includes improvements in three key areas: New Features, Usability & Maintenance, and Restructuring. While the first two directly affect the experience of our customer companies with FA and are more visible, the third category covers improvements to the internal structure of FA to make it more robust and secure on the inside.

On the FA Front side, we plan to focus our efforts primarily on polishing the look and feel of the themes, as well as improving usability so it becomes even smoother.

Besides planning and implementing the new FA upgrade, we have also identified general growth areas that we would like to focus on in 2019, which are:

  • Supportability
    This area of development is focused on making the solution easier to manage and troubleshoot. To that end, we plan to improve the audit trail, make calculations more transparent, and upgrade report generation functionality.
  • Scalability
    We are looking into ways of improving our software architecture to serve our clients within the system more efficiently.
  • Usability
    On the usability front, we want to boost the performance of the product based on user feedback as well as improve the search views within the platform.
  • Customizability
    Finally, we continue to expand configuration options both for core components of FA and for extensions.

And of course, we will continue to improve on what we do best – portfolio analytics, complex derivatives management, and more. It is going to be a challenging, ambitious, and exciting year here at FA Solutions, and we sincerely hope you come along for the ride!

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