FA Solutions Celebrates Acquisition of Three New Clients

Solidifying our position as a leader in investment management software.

In an exciting development for FA Solutions, we are delighted to announce the successful acquisition of three new clients that will leverage our cutting-edge technology to enhance their investment operations and client experiences. This continued growth solidifies our commitment to revolutionising the asset and wealth industry through innovative software solutions.

The first addition to our client portfolio is a Nordic bank managing €8 billion of assets. This partnership signifies a significant milestone as we collaborate with one of the key players in the Nordic financial landscape to optimise their investment processes and elevate client satisfaction.

FA Solutions will provide them with a single database that allows management of their wealth clients and internal funds within the same database, bringing increased automation throughout the front, middle and back office across their PE funds, fixed income and vanilla assets.

They will be able to manage their wealth clients and internal funds within the same solution to get a truer picture of their business, replace multiple systems with a single automated system and result in a lower overall technology cost.

We also welcome a large European wealth manager. This relationship emphasises the versatility of FA’s software, not only catering to the intricate needs of a wealth management firm but by providing an open architecture through flexible APIs, allowing a partnership with a bespoke development firm to build a completely tailored experience for the end client and advisor.

This project will showcase how asset and wealth managers can use FA Solutions as a foundation to springboard the development of an ecosystem; through delivering a single-database solution with real-time connectivity, the backbone of investment data can be distributed where it needs to be harmoniously and immediately to offer clients and advisors a flexible and unified experience.

We also expanded our reach into the Baltic region with a leading Baltic Pension Fund joining the FA client list. In working with the client, we can again illustrate the benefits of operational efficiency by consolidating multiple databases into one aligned system. This allows for improved usability through the complete and transparent view of all assets. 

As a true cloud solution, FA Solutions upgrade costs are non-existent with new features and functionality added throughout the year. This results in a constantly evolving, comprehensive system where workarounds are native to the system. The FA Solution allows the bank to provide greater insights to the management teams, contributing to a superior client experience.

Reflecting on these achievements, Joey Cozens-Smith, Chief Revenue Officer & Managing Director stated:

“We are tremendously excited about the collaboration with these three impressive companies. This not only underscores the reliability and adaptability of our investment management software but also signifies the growing recognition of FA Solutions and our commitment to transforming the financial industry. We are dedicated to supporting our clients in their pursuit of excellence, and these partnerships mark a significant step forward in achieving that goal.”

– Joey Cozens-Smith, Chief Revenue Officer & Managing Director

The addition of these clients not only validates the robustness of FA’s software but also highlights the industry’s increasing reliance on technology-driven solutions for efficient investment management. The software’s capabilities in streamlining complex processes, enhancing data accuracy and delivering a superior client experience, positions FA Solutions as the go-to choice for financial institutions aiming to stay ahead in an ever-complex landscape.

As we celebrate this milestone, we reaffirm our dedication to innovation and client success. Our ongoing commitment to research and development ensures that our software remains at the forefront of technological advancements, empowering our clients to navigate the complexities of the financial world with confidence.

These new partnerships mark a significant chapter in our company’s journey, signalling not only growth but a deeper integration into the heart of the financial industry. We extend our gratitude to our new clients for choosing us as their trusted partner, and we look forward to collectively shaping the future of investment management through technological excellence.

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