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FA Solutions increases focus on the UK for proven modern Wealth Management solutions

Wealth Management Software provider FA Solutions is expanding its presence to the UK market with a new office in London, aiming to serve as the company’s existing and potential client base.

“Having a presence in the UK has many advantages, which we expect to bear fruit on multiple levels in the near future,” says Juha Lehtonen, CEO of FA Solutions.

“As FA Solutions has quickly become a market leader for Portfolio Management solutions to mid-market in the Nordics, we see great opportunities for our modern software also in the UK. This is in line with our ambition to become a leading provider in Europe,”.

“We have seen that many currently used solutions in the UK are coming to age, and cannot fully support the ongoing digitalization trend. We see the same trend in the UK as we have seen in most other European countries – either you modernize your IT support tools, or you will have a hard time to stay competitive. This trend is strongly accelerated by MiFID, that is the final trigger for upgrading obsolete and expensive but inefficient solutions.”

“We also see significant opportunities for partnerships in the UK, both with complementing service providers and with larger institutions that desire to modernize their offering quickly with a top of the line solution. This will include Prime Brokers that want to offer their clients a tool, custody banks and specialist IT companies. We have done some successful similar projects with Nordic institutions and banks.

Modern and easy-to-use API’s to send data in and out of the Portfolio Management solution is critical for this. For instance for Robo Advisors where our solution often integrated with an eco-system of solutions to provide a complete digital toolbox”, he continues.

FA Solutions will over the next few months offer both webinars and seminars in London and Guernsey. Stay tuned on our web page to sign up and learn more about what a truly modern solution can provide for your Wealth Management team!

The office is located in the Pavilion, 96 High Street Kensington.

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