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FA Solutions launches open-source Client Portal for banking and institutional investors 

The open-source Client Portal enables banks and institutional investors to build and facilitate better services for clients on top of the FA Platform. 

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HELSINKI, FINLAND– Helsinki-based cloud portfolio management platform provider FA Solutions has today launched its open-source FA Client Portal that allows its banking and institutional investor clients to build additional services and custom functionalities on top of the FA Platform. 

In order to provide differentiate themselves from their competitors, banks and wealth managers need a flexible and easily customizable interface that allows them to provide more transparency, functionality, and value-adding services to their clients. Open-source’s collaborative spirit, which allows it to be modified and shared by the community, results in faster innovation and a lower cost of development. 

The FA Client Portal is a new application that allows clients to access their investment information and provides a quick glance at the aggregated data from chosen portfolios. Finance and banking is a big ecosystem – handling trade orders with multiple counterparts and reporting them to clients can be extremely time-consuming and arduous. With the Client Portal, users can see their investments, holdings, transactions, trade orders, and documents with just a click of a button. If banks or investors wish to customize the Client Portal, they can easily do so. 

We’re excited to launch our new open-source Client Portal! The Client Portal is a good candidate for open-source as it is otherwise hard for us to build a standard version that fits all of our clients when it comes to branding, functionality, and so on,” says Hannes Helenius, Partner at FA Solutions. 

“Because of the big fintech ecosystem, banks need to integrate services and different technologies easily and quickly. Open-sourcing our platform is a crucial step in helping our clients follow the rapidly evolving trend of digitalization in banking by offering a faster time to market. Also, a financial institution’s long-term success and competitiveness will depend on its ability to be more flexible, responsive, and scalable,” continues Helenius. 

Yalmar Solutions, a client of FA Solutions and an independent provider which helps family offices and investment managers succeed with their systems, integrations and reporting, warmly welcomes this development of the FA Platform. 

“There is a digital awakening in the family office space and the wealth management industry in general; a new generation of clients want to access their portfolio on the go and expect intuitive digital tools, supporting their decision making process and investment universe. That is why we appreciate working with the open FA Platform when we deliver custom frontend applications and system integrations for our clients with FA as the powerful engine. By adding this new open-source Client Portal to the mix, FA Solutions are extending the range of services and tools we can provide for our end clients. Ultimately, this increases the value-added when helping family offices and wealth managers in digitalizing their investment management and reporting process,” says Hjalmar Bøe, CEO of Yalmar Solutions. 

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About FA Solutions

FA Solutions provides a cloud-based portfolio management platform for wealth managers that automates and centralizes operational processes and reporting into one easy-to-use system via multiple APIs. Without an automation system in place, back, front, and middle office staff need to manually complete routine tasks using legacy systems and tools such as Excel. 

To date, FA Solutions serves over 70 major banks, independent asset managers, and institutional investors in 15 different countries. Founded in 1999, FA Solutions currently has offices in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. 

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