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FA User Summit 2021 presented the FA 4.0, our new product concept

This year, the FA User Summit was held on Thursday, 9th of September, as a one-day fully online event. The day focused on unveiling FA 4.0, our new product concept. 

Our annual User Summit, the biggest event of the year for us gathering FA users together from around the world, was held on Thursday, 9th of September, as a one-day fully online event after a break in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

And we had some big news to share with our beloved customers; we presented them our new and upgraded product concept, the FA 4.0

FA 4.0 and the new Plans  

The FA 4.0 is a new way we have productized our solution, not a specific product version. It’s about extending the productization to cover significantly more business workflows, offering predefined setups covering all the key business flows as an out-of-the-box solution, including documentation. 

Before, FA was developing tools that could be used to define a customer-specific solution to cover customers’ business needs. Now, FA is developing tools and solutions to cover customers’ business needs while still being adaptable to customer-specific nuances. This enables quicker time to market, more extensive user-friendly functionality, and easier “Do it yourself” options available based on a solution that is continuously improved and extended. 

This out-of-the-box solution for asset management is packaged into “Plans” for different levels of business requirements. Get to know the different Plans here.

Juha, FA’s CEO, introducing FA 4.0
Looking forward to having FA User Summit 2022 as a live event again
Olli passionately telling all about customizations

We were eagerly planning to organize this year’s User Summit 2021 as a hybrid event in Helsinki this autumn. However, unfortunately, just two weeks before the event we had to decide to go fully online since yet again the officials set out new restrictions due to the deteriorated COVID-19 situation. 

This wasn’t, of course, the optimal solution for us. We would have liked nothing more than bringing our dear customers together in a beautiful location to interact with each other and us face-to-face again after this long time of isolation. 

However, putting safety first as it should be, we are happy that we were able to deliver our clients at least an online show shedding light on the important information and product updates we wanted to share, spiced up with some magical entertainment and an opportunity to interact at least in an online chat. 

Our User Summit is an event dedicated to our clients and partners, full of valuable insights and an exclusive insider’s view into the newest version and features of the FA Platform. However, a big part of the event is also giving our clients the opportunity to interact with each other to exchange user experiences and information, as well as with us FAers. That is why we certainly hope that next year it will be possible to gather together again in a nice venue and meet each other live accompanied with good food and some extracurricular activities. We will keep you posted.    

The FA Team looks forward to meeting you, our precious clients, in person at our FA User Summit 2022.

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