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How to take full control of your investments during turbulent times

2020 has been turbulent for most as a result of the spread of COVID-19, lockdowns have brought economies to a standstill and capital markets have reflected this. With increased volatility, can wealth managers maintain full control of their portfolios and if not, what tools are being used to assess performance and limitations?

FA hosted a webinar last week on how to take full control of investments during turbulent times. Our attendees worry most about the risk posed by relying on manual processes and outdated tools when markets are volatile.

The key to solve these problems in today’s world is leveraging cutting-edge technology and automation harnessed specifically for the complex needs of the modern wealth management business.

What Does Portfolio Automation Offer?

COVID has accelerated the need for wealth managers to access automated tools that offer real time insights to help reduce the time it takes to make informed decisions.

For example, it has become crucial to know instantly if portfolios are drifting and limits have been breached. The FA Platform has addressed this with warnings and compliance checks. In addition, FA allows users to schedule automated rebalancing of portfolios to help managers maintain strategy mandates.

Asset and wealth managers have also voiced concerns of not being able to access up to date portfolios remotely. The FA Platform can automatically import custodian files for immediate reconciliation and generate a detailed breakdown of holdings.

So in the end, COVID has provided an opportunity and has accelerated existing trends, digitisation and automation that transform portfolio management. Once we get COVID-19 in control, we will surely be facing some new global challenges and changes affecting the capital markets, so it is a requirement for wealth managers to get their investment management tools up-to-date including automation and real time insights in order to succeed in their business.

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