Introducing a new Nordic fixed income data provider Stamdata in FA Platform


Besides developing our product non-stop and adding new features to FA Platform, we put a strong emphasis on providing the right data vendor connections to make sure our customers automatically receive the highest quality and most up-to-date information available in their Wealth Management system.

We know how important it is for our clients to have constant access to relevant securities information that is updated automatically on a regular basis. An investor daily faces a struggle with staying ahead of the market, selecting the investments that will perform best for their end customers. Evaluating the options to make the right calls takes time. If investors have to spend their valuable hours searching for reliable market data on securities, it may become nearly impossible to keep their business running efficiently.

Having access to up-to-date market data integrated into your primary Wealth Management system cuts out the hassle of labor-intensive research, freeing up time to concentrate on performance analysis and informed decision making.

“Continuously updated fixed income instrument information is key to investors. Robust validation rules, complete and accurate reference datasets, plug and play integrations, are all crucial parts of making the best and most accurate investment decisions, risk calculations and reporting possible,” – explains Patric Björk Andersson, Head of Business Development at Nordic Trustee.

New connection in FA Platform – a leading provider of Nordic fixed income market data


One of our most recent integrations that we have implemented to provide our customers with the most reliable information on Nordic bonds and other fixed income securities is Stamdata.

FA Solutions is already live providing the Stamdata connection within FA Platform to a number of Norwegian clients, and we are looking forward to continuing this cooperation to give access to up-to-date bond market data to more Nordic customers.

“Stamdata has more than 500 customers, including investors, funds, treasuries, banks system and data providers. Through our new partnership with FA Solutions we aim to continue to support our common client community, making available our high-quality market data for fixed income instruments through the FA Platform product suite,” – Patric Björk Andersson comments.

Stamdata, a subsidiary of Nordic Trustee, is a leading provider of fixed income market data in the Nordic region, offering a wide range of comprehensive and high-quality data. They provide access to essential information for fixed income market players, including detailed instrument information such as new issue volumes and outstanding amounts, coupon rates, call dates, and all required accrued interest calculation parameters. Stamdata also deliver detailed company data and information on issuer ratings, which are key input metrics for analysis of securities. In conjunction with their sister company Nordic Bond Pricing, Stamdata is the exclusive distributor of reliable daily valuations on over 3,300 Norwegian securities – the only trusted daily valuation source for fixed income instruments in the Norwegian market.

For more information about Stamdata, please visit their website or send an email with your questions to And to inquire about FA Platform, drop us a line to or leave your email address below and we will be in touch.

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