The new life of reports in FA Platform

Did you know that FA Solutions was founded in 1999? Do you know what one of the first features of the FA Platform was? PDF reports, for internal and client reporting. FA Solutions today is a very different company than it was in 1999. In recent years, the company has grown quickly by just about every imaginable metric. The FA platform has experienced similar growth. But there’s always been one feature which has stayed mostly the same since the early days. You guessed it: PDF reports. That is about to change!

This year, reports in FA Platform are getting more than a facelift. We’ve been working hard to rebuild them from the ground up. Along the way, our techniques for building these kinds of reports have changed a fair bit. Some of the underlying technology has changed. I won’t bore you with the technical details; I’ll jump straight to what this means for you, as a user of FA.

The evolution of our standard Performance and value history -report.
From left to right: original version, upgraded version with standard styling, upgraded version with demo styling

More stylish, modern-looking reports

Soon, all the PDF reports you print out from FA will look a lot more stylish and modern. On top of renewing a lot of our tried-and-true reports with new visuals (and technology), we’re building some entirely new reports, with an emphasis on new ways of visualizing data. For example, take a look at one of our brand-new reports on the right.

Show off your own style

The reports you send to your customers are a great opportunity to communicate more than just figures. Until now, options for customizing our reports have been quite restrictive. There has always been the option of entirely customized reports built-to-spec, but now users of our standard reports will also be able to show off their own unique style. Take another look at Image 1: the difference between the report in the middle and on the right of is a few minutes of style tweaking – I would know, I did it myself! What’s more, you only need to set the styles once. Thereafter, all our standard reports will look like you want them to – stylish.

Our brand-new Monthly performance report, which contrasts a portfolio’s performance with its benchmark, on a monthly and cumulative basis.

DIY Reports

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Hmm, this report is alright. But it would be perfect if we actually replaced this figure with that one?” If so, we have great news! In FA 3.0 and beyond, we’re working on making the dream possible: being able to easily build your own reports within FA, showing exactly the data you want, how you want it.

In this article, I’ve only scratched the surface of reporting in FA 3.0. If you’re interested in hearing more about reporting in FA 3.0 – and beyond – or about the other exciting things which are happening around FA 3.0, join us on 25th October 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, for the FA User Summit. I’ll be glad to tell you all about it! And if you are not using FA Platform (yet ;) ) just express your interest to hear more in the form below and we will be in touch with you!


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