Two new European Banks choose FA Solutions

Already having several European banks as customers, FA Solutions is delighted to welcome two new clients of this kind on board.

A Central European Bank chose FA to catalyze their operational transformation to the cloud

One of these new customers is focused on providing financial, investment, and consulting services along with private banking. They offer a wide range of different investment products and banking services to their clients.

One of the main reasons this client chose FA Solutions was our unique approach of having both internal and external client environments, in other words, FA Back and FA Front.

Another significant reason for them to choose us was the flexibility that we have within our Analytics feature. The FA Platform includes the ability to control all the different transaction types and the parameters behind them affecting the return calculations within our Analytics feature.

Yet another reason for this client to choose us was our willingness to be very flexible in how we deliver our solutions.

Although it is quite an inevitable fact nowadays that the cloud is the future infrastructure-wise, the banks are still heavily regulated. They would need regulatory approval for going into the cloud. However, FA Solutions can offer a solution that is installed on the client’s servers for the time being, and later on, when the client gets the final approval from the regulators, they can move fully into the cloud.

FA Platform to improve fund management workflows and streamline whole operational model

The other one of these new clients chose FA Platform to enhance their private equity fund management administration. 

They are going to manage and control all investment and fund management-related processes within the private equity funds, such as shareholder registry and capital commitment calls, on the FA Platform. So, in other words, the FA Platform is responding to their core needs. 

FA Solutions deployed the platform for this specific use case as a service with the standard features of the FA Platform. One of the key reasons why this customer selected us was because we had similar reference installations in the market and our solution did not require heavy customization or other development of the product. 

So all in all, this bank wanted to improve its fund management workflows’ administration and streamline the current operational model by implementing the FA Platform. 

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