White paper: Global trends and family offices of the future

At the beginning of summer, we released a white paper “Family Office 2.0- Meeting and Exceeding Client Expectations in the XXI Century” that soon became one of our most read and downloaded publications. Intended to be used as a guide readers will gladly revisit and share, this white paper is crafted keeping in mind multifaceted challenges modern family offices are facing today.

Single- and Multi-Family Offices have the same goal at the core of their operations – they want to offer high quality Wealth Management services to their clients, regardless of their diverse investment goals that differ across generations. To help bridge this, the white paper is offering an overview of current global trends impacting family offices, insights from our clients’ first hand-experiences, and concrete 3-step points of action for taking your business to the next level.
In the current volatile financial climate, as a family office, it is crucial to stay alert and be quick on your feet to respond to your clients’ changing needs and key factors shaping the industry. Unpredictable worldwide crises and negative political influences are forcing Wealth Managers to rethink their investments and ways in which they serve their clients. At the same time, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) are still relative newcomers to the Wealth Management scene, but they are quickly becoming mainstream.

Building family offices that serve the clients seamlessly

Measuring impact and maximizing return on investment turns out to be more difficult than it seems, and calls for modern technology solutions, keeping in mind some investment strategies are limited by other socio-economic considerations.
“What takes the most manual effort in your day-to-day Family Office operations at the moment?” is a cornerstone question for those wanting to identify what doesn’t work and what must be improved going forward. Once you know why and where the changes are inevitable, you can start looking into potential solutions.
It is difficult to keep up with the demands of XXI century clients when using old legacy systems that require a lot of manual work. A modern Portfolio Management system gives back the control to and enables Wealth Managers to serve their clients’ needs efficiently, and increase not only return on investment but also value and impact of their work.

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