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Portfolio Management System (PMS), Investment Management System (IMS), Asset Management System, Wealth Management System, Fund Management System… No matter what you call it, you probably can agree that it is the heart of the asset and fund management business.

Nowadays an increasing amount of asset and fund managers are delegated to change their IMS as their old systems can’t handle the efficiency requirements, regulatory changes and the serving of customers in a modern way. A modern and reliable system enables efficiency and automation in the right place and serves as a growth enabler rather than a growth inhibitor.

Purchasing a new business-critical system is not an easy task. Very often we come across companies struggling with similar questions and therefore wrote this guide to help you to get the maximum value from acquiring a new Portfolio Management System.

The Guide Includes:

The Main Steps of an Investment Management Software Purchase Process

How to Map Your Needs and Choose the Right Solution for Your Business

Functionalities of a Modern Portfolio Management Software

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