FA webinar

Take full control of your investments

FA Solutions invites you to a live webinar on portfolio data management for Pension Funds, Life Insurance companies, Foundations, and any Investment Managers in charge of their own assets. This virtual event is valuable for those who have experienced losing control over their investment portfolios as the stock markets went down during COVID-19 and other Black Swan events in the past.

How can you get a complete, holistic view of your investments in times of crisis?

At the webinar, we will be demonstrating:

  • General presentation of FA Platform
  • FA Front
  • Pre-trade & post-trade limits
  • Portfolio look-through
  • Analytics +

Please register using the form below. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact Andreas Ullsten.


  • Speaker
  • Andreas Ullsten
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  • Martina Sundberg