Software Family Office 2.0 - Meeting and exceeding client expectations in the XXI century
Single- and Multi-Family Offices have the same goal at their core – providing quality Wealth Management services to clients across generations with different investment goals. Maintaining an entangled web of Excel sheets or an outdated Portfolio Management system makes it difficult to focus on delivering solid investment advice.

This white paper explores global trends affecting Family Offices, the issues FOs face in managing family members’ wealth, as well as how these challenges can be solved efficiently with the help of technology.
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Software Buying an investment management software Nowadays an increasing amount of asset and fund managers are delegated to change their IMS as their old systems can’t handle the efficiency requirements, regulatory changes and the serving of customers in a modern way. A modern and reliable system enables efficiency and automation in the right place and serves as a growth enabler rather than a growth inhibitor.

Purchasing a new business-critical system is not an easy task. Very often we come across companies struggling with similar questions and therefore wrote this guide to help you to get the maximum value from acquiring a new Portfolio Management System.
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Software This whitepaper will introduce you to the revolutionary concept of Roboblock and provide you with tools to construct innovative and modern digital strategy in the financial industry. Roboblock is a combination of Robo-Advisory and Blockchain where distribution and advice are shared among invited parties. Roboblock enables a global value chain for asset managers to share information and distribute advice globally among each other and with selected investors – without general ledger in between.

As creators of the whitepaper we have been in practice deploying the FA platform for a variety of Robo-Advisory projects and doing a lot of different Blockchain-like connectivity projects for the financial industry.
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