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With us you increase the automation of back office operations

We enable you to automate previously laborous, manual processes by providing scalable and flexible state-of-art functionality and processes. With the help of our task and workflow management you avoid spiraling operational work and costs. We deliver you simply more room for your growth.

With us you get more out of your business: You have the control of cash positions by optimising the use of assets, you can streamline your settlement process, simplify the post trade process, and you have efficient transaction and position based investment accounting. Moreover – you have a single platform from front office to back office.

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Top Features for Back Office

Our modularised platform enables you to choose exactly the functionalities you need for your business.
Below we exemplify what our Back Office users typically consider important for them.

Portfolio Management

Handle any kinds of asset types and complex portfolio structures in our real-time, transaction-based portfolio management system.

Automated Reporting

Reports for customers, authorities and stakeholders can be generated with a single click or fully automatically.

Corporate Actions

Automate the time-consuming, cumbersome aspects of corporate action management.

Transaction Aggregation

Automate transaction aggregation and reconciliation processes against selected third parties.


Integrate pre- and post-trade compliance seamlessly into your workflows.


Automatically generate, send, track, and receive settlement messages.


Automatically generate, send, track, and receive payment messages.


Transform your transaction data automatically into accounting entries, which can then be directly exported to your accounting system.

We work closely with you to find
the best solution for your business.


We make your business always accessible
with every device.


With us you will have an investment management platform that grows with you.


We support you during the deployment and over the years to come. You will have access to our expert consultants, training and online support.

With us you will always have the latest release of the software. Included in the price.