18-03-2020 Taaleri chooses FA Solutions as technology partner to further democratize impact investment offering

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Helsinki 18-03-2020  In their effort to efficiently democratize more alternative impact investment products, publicly listed financial services company Taaleri has chosen FA Solutions, a Helsinki-based cloud portfolio management solution provider, as their technology partner for its Wealth Management business segment.
With over 5,500 wealth management customers in Finland and €7.1 billion assets under management, Taaleri is looking to expand its competitive advantage by offering impact investment opportunities to a wider base of smaller socially conscious investors.

“The bulk of impact investing is done by institutional investors, but we’ve identified a significant increase in demand for impact investments from smaller players that want to make a difference in the world,” says Karri Haaparinne, Deputy CEO of Taaleri Group.
“Complying with industry regulations and providing full transparency becomes increasingly difficult with more product offerings. In order to offer a larger range of alternative investment products, fully automating our business processes was a must. Implementing the FA Platform was the best option for us because now we can effectively and easily build our portfolio for the future. Their proactive way of understanding our business processes and agile implementation was the right choice to satisfy our existing clients and offer new products for new potential customers,” continues Haaparinne.

Globally known for its wind and solar-powered projects through Taaleri Energy, Taaleri Wealth Management is now looking to ramp up its impact in alternative investments, such as refining crude tall oil (CTO) for biofuels. They recently invested over €100M into a biorefinery in Hamina, not only reducing the impact of global warming but bringing new jobs to rural parts of Finland at the same time.

“We are proud to be the chosen technology partner working with Taalari to enable alternative investment opportunities in an increasingly competitive market where investors are more aware they must think about the planet. While companies are having to keep costs from the front to the back office in line, these competitive impact investments also require a new level of transparency and reporting,” says Hannes Helenius, Partner at FA Solutions. “Working with Taaleri’s business process experts to implement the FA Platform has made us an even stronger solution for all of our customers that seek to offer alternative investments to a wider market.”

“The carbon footprint of CTO derivatives is up to 90% lower than that of comparable fossil alternative products and the profit margin is up to 30% for these types of investments. Crude tall oil is a by-product of softwood pulp production which we then can take to the refinery and distill as an alternative to using palm oil in biofuels. These types of investment opportunities are exactly what our customers are looking for, and FA Solutions’ automated tool means we can focus on developing these kinds of products further with no extra cost to our back end,” explains Haaparinne.

About Taaleri Group
Taaleri Group operates in three core business segments: Wealth Management, Energy, and Financing. The Finnish financial group has multiple operational subsidiaries: Taaleri Wealth Management Ltd, Taaleri Energia Oy, Taaleri Private Equity Funds Ltd, and Garantia Insurance Company Ltd. Taaleri Plc, its parent company, is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange operated by Nasdaq Nordic. The Group’s turnover was €67 million as of 2019, with a total AUM of €7.1 billion and €1.8 billion in insurance portfolios at the end of December 2019. Taaleri currently has over 4,700 shareholders. For more information, visit www.taaleri.com/en.

About FA Solutions
FA Solutions is the leading Nordic provider of software for Wealth & Fund Managers, Family Offices, and Banks, helping them manage their clients’ wealth globally. We offer a cloud-based Portfolio Management solution that automates and centralizes a wide range of operational processes into one easy-to-use FA Platform. We believe superior technology enables quality Wealth Management services for everyone. For more information, visit www.fasolutions.com.
More information:
Hannes Helenius
Partner, FA Solutions
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