Analyzing the performance of your investments thoroughly enables you to make well-grounded investment decisions.

FA’s Analytics provides you with a comprehensive overview of your investments and enables you to analyze your portfolio from the top down or bottom up.. It allows you to compare your investments, use a benchmark, and view how your investment decisions have contributed to your portfolio’s performance, according to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).

FA Platform

Key functionalities

FA Platform
  • Analyze your data with a broad range of metrics

    Calculate your contribution and attribution effects

  • Select a time period for your analysis

    Analyze your portfolios from return and risk perspective

  • Group your analysis with different attributes and levels

    Perform your analysis through a GICS perspective

  • Pre-define sets of parameters and metrics

    Over 500 different ratios and metrics available through columns

  • Visualize certain results of your analysis with eye-catching charts

    Compare your portfolio performance against the benchmark

  • Compare performance of different levels

    Dive deeper into your analysis with fund look through

  • Export and report the results of your analysis

    Export the key metrics as an Excel (XLS) or PDF file, or print out graphs as a PDF or in common picture format