Portfolio Management

FA’s Portfolio Management simplifies the management of transactions and multi-dimensional portfolio hierarchies. It is easily adaptable to the dynamic nature of your investment products.

FA’s real-time, transaction-based portfolio management software with extensive support for market data provides you with quick and easy access to an instant overview of your portfolios. Our software analyzes your holdings and trades in real-time or for any historical point in the past. FA's Portfolio Management is a solid base for your Investment Book of Records (IBOR).

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Key functionalities

FA Platform
  • Efficient data management

    Contacts, portfolios, securities, market prices and transactions

  • Position valuation

    Manage your multi-asset, cash & fee accounts including trade orders

  • Portfolios

    Manage your different portfolios, sub-portfolios, and a fund look through

  • Securities

    Manage your securities with allocations, exposures, and pricing, including listed and non-listed securities

  • Transactions

    Record all relevant data such as fees, costs, taxes and counterparties