Efficient reporting to customers and other stakeholders is a key feature in any investment management system. It can be the difference between retaining a client or watching them go to a competitor.

FA's Reporting allows you to easily tackle all your reporting needs: a wide variety of standard reports and the possibility for customized reports allows you to easily report versatile contents for various time periods. You can flexibly generate a report on the portfolio level or on the customer level - or even aggregate any data on a single report. Diverse report parameters allow light to be shed on hidden details.

Furthermore, to help you with your monthly and yearly reporting routines, FA's Reporting allows you to efficiently mass-generate reports to a group of customers on one go, easily send reports via email directly to your customers, or conveniently publish reports online for your customers to access.

FA Platform

Key functionalities

FA Platform
FA Platform
  • Wide variety of standard reports and data exports

  • Mass-generate reports, aggregate data, or send reports via email

  • Adjust report styling with your own logo, colors and fonts

  • Supported Authority Reports include for ex.:

    MiFIR, CRS/DAC2, FATCA, AIFM, Ex-post/Ex-ante, Tax reporting